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Welcome & the AMPS Philosophy

  Oct 11, 2012   |      Brand Hunt

Welcome to our Blog! We are 60East Technologies and we’re the creators of AMPS, the world’s fastest real-time streaming analytic database. A product like AMPS isn’t born overnight, but rather grown over years of development and discovery. In this first blog entry, we’d like to introduce you to our core...
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Q&A With

  Oct 15, 2012   |      60East

We sat down with’s Pete Harris to discuss AMPS, fast messaging, and AWESOME CODE. If you’d like to read it, here’s the link: Q&A: Brand Hunt of 60East on Awesome Code and Fast Messaging
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Thumbnail: 60East Partners with Diablo Technologies to CRANK UP THE AMPS

  Nov 7, 2013   |      Dirk Myers

We’ve mentioned before how impressed we are with Diablo Technologies, Inc. new Memory Channel Storage™ technology. We’ve also talked about our investment in deep partnerships and making the most of emerging technology. So, we’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Diablo to create a joint solution. Full details are...
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Thumbnail: 60East and Diablo Technologies Crank It Up at the Low Latency Summit

  Nov 21, 2013   |      Dirk Myers

60East and our partners, Diablo Technologies, held a workshop on Extreme Messaging Performance with MCS™ and AMPS last week at the Low-Latency Summit. Couldn’t make it to the summit? We’ve posted the slides. Even better, the Summit has posted the audio of the workshop. Enjoy!
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Thumbnail: Come and See 60East at the Trading Show with Diablo Technologies

  Dec 3, 2013   |      Dirk Myers

60East and our partners, Diablo Technologies, are presenting at the Trading Show, December 3rd and 4th at 360° Tribeca in New York City. Jeffrey M. Birnbaum and Jerome McFarland will be presenting a workshop on Extreme Messaging Performance with MCS™ and AMPS on Tuesday at 11:30 AM. This includes an...
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Thumbnail: bFAT: Messaging with Extra Cheese

  Apr 1, 2016   |      Dirk Myers

Here at 60East, we’re dedicated to messaging. All messaging. All the time. Day in and day out. And that’s why we’re thrilled to bring you the newest, best, hottest, juiciest new message format. We call it BFat. Check it out at Would you like fries with that?
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Thumbnail: Keeping State in AMPS, Rebooted

  Jun 15, 2016   |      Tom Martens

In this post, we will revisit the topic of extending the AMPS client to provide a bookmark store for stateless clients. This post is in response to requests for a simple stateless store that does not provide all of the functionality of the local stores, but instead just makes it...
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Thumbnail: The Canary Sings! AMPS and ITRS Geneos 4.0

  Sep 22, 2017   |      Ravi Palepu

Alert ! We released a sample AMPS plug-in for ITRS Geneos 4.0 that can be used to build real time reporting and alerting based on customizable rules and thresholds. Many of our customers are already using ITRS Geneos to consume the rich monitoring information from multiple AMPS servers and other systems...
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Thumbnail: Grids Without Gridlock: Which is Fastest?

  Oct 5, 2017   |      Pavel K.

There are lots of reasons to choose a web interface over a native graphical interface. Web interfaces are universal, work on most devices and platforms, have very flexible and feature-rich design capabilities, and do not require any installation for users. That being said, performance is still a big concern. It...
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Thumbnail: Best Web Grids for 2020

  Jan 23, 2020   |      Pavel K.

Many things have changed in the webapp world since we last did a grid comparison, way back in 2017. Chrome is increasing its domination in the market of browsers. Edge ditched its own web engine and is essentially a Microsoft clone of Chrome now. Firefox is in decline, has less...
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Thumbnail: Great Web Grids for 2021

  Feb 15, 2021   |      Pavel K.

Last year we published a very popular grid comparison which provided a good overview of several web grid engines commonly used for modern web applications. The time has come to expand the review and provide several new options for people who are looking for the best pick for their new...
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