AMPS 5.3

The Power of AMPS, Faster and Easier

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AMPS is a modern publish and subscribe engine designed specifically for next generation computing environments. It is intended to allow the realization of the scalable high-throughput, low-latency messaging that is required in real-time deployments such as in financial services. The architecture, design and implementation of AMPS allows the exploitation of parallelism inherent in emerging multi-socket, multi-core commodity systems and the low-latency, high-bandwidth of 10Gb Ethernet.

AMPS is designed to lower the latency in real-world messaging deployments by focusing on the entire lifetime of a message from the message’s origin to its consumption by end-user clients.


Highest Performance

AMPS is designed to minimize the end-to-end processing latency in messaging deployments that serve billions of messages per day.

Unparalleled Scalability

Built with large multicore machines and low-latency 10Gb networking in mind, AMPS scales from the smallest machines to efficiently use every dollar of your hardware spend.

Built-in Analytics

With real-time computation and aggregation support, you'll be able to quickly build analytic, alerting, and event processing functionality into your own applications. AMPS lets you compute aggregates over multiple topics, including topics of different data types.

State-of-the-World Cache

An integrated current message cache allows full implementation of client side caches without the risk of inter-system drift. Fully queryable, with support for inline enrichment and transformation.

Maximum Selectivity

Filter messages by topic and/or content to prevent topic proliferation and wasted resources in delivering messages of no interest. AMPS is aware of message content, efficiently filtering directly on the message.

Integrated Security

AMPS provides a fully integrated authentication and entitlement system, including extensible, content-aware permissions. AMPS also supports SSL/TLS connections to client applications, to protect data that travels over untrusted networks.

Rock Solid Worldwide

Proven for years in global production environments where maximum stability and performance are critical. We're believers that the best route to high-availability is to deliver products free of failure. We have a serious commitment to finding the root cause of all defects and to keep delivering a better product with each release.

Transport/Message Agnostic

AMPS has the ability to use any message content type or network transport. Currently supported types include JSON, BSON, FIX/NVFIX, XML, BFlat, Google Protocol buffers and unparsed binary message types. Composite message types allow you to combine payloads of different types into a single payload. For networking, AMPS supports TCP/IP and websockets out of the box. An extensibility API makes it simple to add new capabilities – we’ve got more message types in the works, or get in touch with us and build your own!

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