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Using AMPS in XAML Applications

  Feb 21, 2013   |      David Noor

Introduction AMPS provides an ideal environment for writing Windows applications that display real-time data. The combination of content filtering and state-of-the-world (“SOW”) caching in AMPS makes it perfect as a “view server” that delivers updates to desktop applications. The AMPS Client for C# provides built-in support for XAML applications in...
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Pushing the Limits of the Windows DataGrid with AMPS

  Mar 20, 2013   |      David Noor

In some applications, it’s critical to query and use huge amounts of data on the client. What if you want to visually display and work with a million rows of data? Using AMPS and the WPF DataGrid, you can build applications that do just that: filter and display over a...
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Light-Weight AMPS bridge

  Jul 10, 2013   |      David Noor

The AMPS Bridge What if your application needs a light-weight way to move messages between AMPS instances? AMPS Replication already reliably propagates messages to downstream instances. Individual replication links are configured with settings to filter out which topics and messages are replicated. Replication makes use of transaction logging to ensure...
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