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AMPS I/O Performance Goes to the Next Level with MCS

  Aug 14, 2013   |      Dirk Myers

Today, 60East is announcing the results of our evaluation of Memory Channel Storage™ (MCS™) architecture from Diablo Technologies, Incorporated at the Flash Memory Summit. In our labs, MCS demonstrated very low latency with a consistent latency profile and high throughput, as shown in the chart below and described in more...
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Thumbnail: AMPS: Faster than Ever with Memory Channel Storage

  May 1, 2014   |      Dirk Myers

In this new video, Jeffrey Birnbaum from 60East and Riccardo Badalone from Diablo Technologies, Inc. discuss how AMPS pushes Memory Channel Storage™ to the limit. The video includes a comparison against flash storage attached through the PCIe bus, details on why MCS performs so well, and what that performance means...
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Thumbnail: Extreme Storage Performance

  Dec 8, 2014   |      Dirk Myers

At 60East, we’re constantly being asked to evaluate new technologies in high-performance computing. AMPS tests these technologies to their limits. AMPS applications require predictable latency at high messaging volumes: for most applications that use AMPS, the limits of the storage or networking system are what limits the capacity of the...
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