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Using AMPS in XAML Applications

  Feb 21, 2013   |      David Noor

Introduction AMPS provides an ideal environment for writing Windows applications that display real-time data. The combination of content filtering and state-of-the-world (“SOW”) caching in AMPS makes it perfect as a “view server” that delivers updates to desktop applications. The AMPS Client for C# provides built-in support for XAML applications in...
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Pushing the Limits of the Windows DataGrid with AMPS

  Mar 20, 2013   |      David Noor

In some applications, it’s critical to query and use huge amounts of data on the client. What if you want to visually display and work with a million rows of data? Using AMPS and the WPF DataGrid, you can build applications that do just that: filter and display over a...
datagrid samples c#