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Visit Us at Database Month in NYC

  Jun 3, 2013   |      Brand Hunt

Join our CEO, Jeffrey M. Birnbaum, on June 10th, 2013 as he delves into the world of big data and high performance covering the cutting edge of CPUs, Storage, and networking. His presentation will also teach attendees how to integrate AMPS, the cutting-edge Advanced Message Processing System that is changing...
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HPC Linux NUMA Presentation

  Apr 9, 2013   |      Brand Hunt

Thanks to all that visited us at the HPC Linux conference! Here are the slides of the talk, if you’ve missed it. Please remember to come see us at future conferences where we’ll continue the conversation of how we achieve our mind-blowing performance through careful software development practices. Slides from...
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Pushing the Limits of the Windows DataGrid with AMPS

  Mar 20, 2013   |      David Noor

In some applications, it’s critical to query and use huge amounts of data on the client. What if you want to visually display and work with a million rows of data? Using AMPS and the WPF DataGrid, you can build applications that do just that: filter and display over a...
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Using AMPS in XAML Applications

  Feb 21, 2013   |      David Noor

Introduction AMPS provides an ideal environment for writing Windows applications that display real-time data. The combination of content filtering and state-of-the-world (“SOW”) caching in AMPS makes it perfect as a “view server” that delivers updates to desktop applications. The AMPS Client for C# provides built-in support for XAML applications in...
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HPC Conference: Achieving Killer Performance with storage, networking and compute in a NUMA world

  Feb 14, 2013   |      Brand Hunt

Come see us speak about high-performance at the 10th Annual 2013 HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING LINUX FOR WALL STREET Show and Conference where we’ll share techniques for getting the highest performance out of your software applications. For a list of other speakers at this amazing conference, please check out the full...
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Q&A With

  Oct 15, 2012   |      60East

We sat down with’s Pete Harris to discuss AMPS, fast messaging, and AWESOME CODE. If you’d like to read it, here’s the link: Q&A: Brand Hunt of 60East on Awesome Code and Fast Messaging
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Welcome & the AMPS Philosophy

  Oct 11, 2012   |      Brand Hunt

Welcome to our Blog! We are 60East Technologies and we’re the creators of AMPS, the world’s fastest real-time streaming analytic database. A product like AMPS isn’t born overnight, but rather grown over years of development and discovery. In this first blog entry, we’d like to introduce you to our core...
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