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Thumbnail: Break the Chains of Version Dependency

  Mar 4, 2014   |      David Noor

At 60East, we strive to make AMPS the most powerful, high-performance, real-time messaging database ever. This philosophy extends to every aspect of AMPS, including installation and packaging. We want you to get up and running as fast as possible, with a zero-friction install process. Since our customers run AMPS on...
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Thumbnail: Easy Request/Response Recipe for AMPS

  Dec 17, 2013   |      Eric Mericle

The power of AMPS filtering allows your application to receive the messages it wants to process, and none of the messages it doesn’t. Client-side filtering is no longer required with AMPS. The ability to use Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) to define filters on a topic, a message, or both...
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Thumbnail: Come and See 60East at the Trading Show with Diablo Technologies

  Dec 3, 2013   |      Dirk Myers

60East and our partners, Diablo Technologies, are presenting at the Trading Show, December 3rd and 4th at 360° Tribeca in New York City. Jeffrey M. Birnbaum and Jerome McFarland will be presenting a workshop on Extreme Messaging Performance with MCS™ and AMPS on Tuesday at 11:30 AM. This includes an...
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Thumbnail: 60East and Diablo Technologies Crank It Up at the Low Latency Summit

  Nov 21, 2013   |      Dirk Myers

60East and our partners, Diablo Technologies, held a workshop on Extreme Messaging Performance with MCS™ and AMPS last week at the Low-Latency Summit. Couldn’t make it to the summit? We’ve posted the slides. Even better, the Summit has posted the audio of the workshop. Enjoy!
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Thumbnail: 60East Partners with Diablo Technologies to CRANK UP THE AMPS

  Nov 7, 2013   |      Dirk Myers

We’ve mentioned before how impressed we are with Diablo Technologies, Inc. new Memory Channel Storage™ technology. We’ve also talked about our investment in deep partnerships and making the most of emerging technology. So, we’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Diablo to create a joint solution. Full details are...
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Thumbnail: Not Using Content Filtering in Your Messaging Application?  You're Doing it WRONG.

  Nov 4, 2013   |      Eric Mericle

Naive messaging systems broadcast all messages to subscribers. This style of message delivery can cause resource over-utilization on subscribers who are only interested in a subset of the entire message flow. Even worse, such a message delivery system can quickly bog down or even oversaturate a network. When this happens,...
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60East Talks HPC with Total Trading

  Oct 16, 2013   |      Dirk Myers

Caroline Hornby of Total Trading spoke with 60East co-founder and CEO Jeffrey M. Birnbaum about high performance computing and low latency. Check out the article for Jeffrey’s thoughts on what lies ahead and the three trends he’s keeping an eye on.
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HPC On Wall Street Presentation

  Sep 10, 2013   |      Brand Hunt

Thanks to all that joined us for Jeffrey’s HPC on Wall Street talk. In the following link is the slide deck from the talk: HPC on Wall Street Talk “Achieving Killer Performance with Storage, Networking and Compute in a NUMA world” Link to the Register article referencing the talk: Wanna...
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HPC Conference: Achieving Killer Performance With Storage, Networking and Compute in a NUMA World (Part II)

  Aug 29, 2013   |      Brand Hunt

On September 9th, come see us speak about high-performance at the 10th Annual 2013 HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING FOR WALL STREET Show and Conference where we’ll share techniques for getting the highest performance out of your software applications. For a list of other speakers at this amazing conference, please check out...
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AMPS I/O Performance Goes to the Next Level with MCS

  Aug 14, 2013   |      Dirk Myers

Today, 60East is announcing the results of our evaluation of Memory Channel Storage™ (MCS™) architecture from Diablo Technologies, Incorporated at the Flash Memory Summit. In our labs, MCS demonstrated very low latency with a consistent latency profile and high throughput, as shown in the chart below and described in more...
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Light-Weight AMPS bridge

  Jul 10, 2013   |      David Noor

The AMPS Bridge What if your application needs a light-weight way to move messages between AMPS instances? AMPS Replication already reliably propagates messages to downstream instances. Individual replication links are configured with settings to filter out which topics and messages are replicated. Replication makes use of transaction logging to ensure...
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MySQL Meetup's Real-Time DBS: Low Latency Meets Large Scale When You Crank Up the AMPS

  Jun 12, 2013   |      Brand Hunt

Join Jeffrey, our CEO, as he delves into the world of big data and high performance covering the cutting edge of CPUs, Storage, and networking. His presentation will also teach attendees how to integrate AMPS, the cutting-edge Advanced Message Processing System that is changing the way developers build systems with...
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