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Thumbnail: AMPS 4.0: Back from the Future

  Jan 24, 2015   |      Dirk Myers

It’s great to be back! We just returned from a trip to 2025. While we were there, we took a look at what messaging systems and databases were like in 2025. We brought a bunch of cool stuff back and added it to AMPS 4.0. We’ve revealed some of these...
historical query performance amps 4

Thumbnail: Toolbox: Regular Expression Testing Tool

  Jan 5, 2015   |      Brand Hunt

If you’re a multi-discipline developer (like us!) it can be difficult bouncing between languages with different regular expression grammars. There are often command line utilities to help and you can always write code to test your patterns against test data. That said, there are some great regular expression testing tools...
amps regex

Thumbnail: Santa Officially Chooses To Crank Up the AMPS

  Dec 26, 2014   |      60East Holiday Central

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2014-12-26 North Pole – Santa Clause, Inc. (SANTA) announced today that it will be choosing 60East Technologies’ AMPS product as their strategic messaging platform. SANTA expects the demands on delivery to continue to increase at record rates given the improvements in the economy and world population increases....
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Thumbnail: AMPS versus Santa: Who's Faster?

  Dec 24, 2014   |      60East Holiday Central

At 60East Technologies, we think about delivery a lot! We’re always thinking about what can be learned by studying real-world delivery technologies used elsewhere. Perhaps the grand-daddy of all delivery companies is Santa Claus. He’s delivering packages to approximately 526 million children in 150 million households over a 31 hour...
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Thumbnail: Extreme Storage Performance

  Dec 8, 2014   |      Dirk Myers

At 60East, we’re constantly being asked to evaluate new technologies in high-performance computing. AMPS tests these technologies to their limits. AMPS applications require predictable latency at high messaging volumes: for most applications that use AMPS, the limits of the storage or networking system are what limits the capacity of the...
mcs low-latency exflash dimm performance amps

Thumbnail: AMPS: The Ultimate Shock Absorber

  Sep 24, 2014   |      Dirk Myers

AMPS can help you get new life out of your existing messaging system, while providing more capacity and functionality. A shock absorber is a buffer between two systems. It protects each system from the other and helps both systems to run smoothly. AMPS provides stunning throughput, expressive filtering, high availability,...
shock absorber low-latency legacy systems amps

Thumbnail: 60East at High Performance Computing for Wall Street

  Sep 22, 2014   |      Dirk Myers

Jeffrey M. Birnbaum, CEO of 60East Technologies, will join a panel discussion on September 22nd at the High Performance Computing For Wall Street conference. The panel will discuss “HPC Code Writing and Programming: Putting Technology to Work to Increase Performance and Scale, Put-through, and Reduce Latency in the Nano World”....
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Thumbnail: Joining BSON Data with XML Data and Aggregating in JSON -- Making it Easy and Natural

  Aug 5, 2014   |      Patrick Flickinger

We’ve all seen television’s expectation of middleware – real-time streams of data, arriving from all over the world, effortlessly joined and available in an instant, where combining new information is as easy as a few keyboard clicks – even in the middle of the night, from an underpowered laptop, while...
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Thumbnail: What Would You Build With a Data Time Machine?

  Jun 17, 2014   |      Dirk Myers

In this new video, Jeffrey Birnbaum from 60East describes how version 4.0 of AMPS, currently in preview, makes it easy to build data-intensive applications. Jeffrey walks through a sample application and shows how the application uses AMPS to: Focus on just the data of interest through AMPS content filtering Use...
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Thumbnail: AMPS: Faster than Ever with Memory Channel Storage

  May 1, 2014   |      Dirk Myers

In this new video, Jeffrey Birnbaum from 60East and Riccardo Badalone from Diablo Technologies, Inc. discuss how AMPS pushes Memory Channel Storage™ to the limit. The video includes a comparison against flash storage attached through the PCIe bus, details on why MCS performs so well, and what that performance means...
mcs performance low-latency

Thumbnail: Real-time Streaming JOINS, Reinvented!

  Apr 7, 2014   |      Patrick Flickinger

Real-time streaming JOINs don’t have to be complicated to code, and they don’t have to be the bottleneck in your system. In AMPS, we designed our JOINs from the ground up to be easy to use and highly performant. AMPS is unique in that it provides a hybrid approach to...
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Thumbnail: Clear Your Linux Performance Hurdles

  Apr 2, 2014   |      Dirk Myers

At 60East, we’re known for being able to get incredible performance by using best-of-breed commercial off the shelf components. We’ve been able to demonstrate performance that exceeds the performance of dedicated hardware solutions. On Monday, April 7, 60East’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jeffrey M. Birnbaum, will present at the 2014 High...
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