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AMPS 5.3 adds sophisticated new features like paginated subscriptions, select lists, priority queues, custom acknowledgement intervals, advanced message management for queues, monitoring improvements, performance enhancements and more!

Maximum performance

AMPS has powered some of the most demanding financial applications on the planet for years — now see how it can take your applications to the next level of performance and reliability.


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How Is AMPS Used?

In use by major Fortune 500 companies, AMPS drives the most data-intensive mission-critical applications such as trading desks, analytic grids, reporting applications, view servers, workload management, and more.

What these applications have in common is a need for reliable high-volume, low-latency messaging with advanced features that go beyond simple pub-sub or point-to-point messaging. AMPS makes it easy to build applications that provide the lowest levels of latency and highest overall throughput by providing built-in features such as historical replay, a real-time database with continuous queries and aggregation, focus tracking, incremental message updates and other advanced features that typically require extensive custom processing in your application.

You don't have to be a performance guru to make these systems sing. You just have to crank up the AMPS.

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