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Thumbnail: AMPS 5.0: Finely-Tuned Messaging

  Mar 14, 2016   |      Dirk Myers

AMPS 5.0 is now available. This version of AMPS builds on the technology in previous releases to refine existing features and bring all new capability to AMPS. With this release, AMPS provides extremely high performance persistent message queues. The message queues include a variety of fairness models, and include an...
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Thumbnail: Comparison: AMPS and RabbitMQ

  Feb 26, 2016   |      60East

The Advanced Message Processing System (AMPS) from 60East Technologies is used in production for thousands of enterprise messaging applications. These applications use AMPS because they have the most demanding throughput and latency requirements for publish/subscribe messaging. These applications also take advantage of the AMPS durable message storage, historical replay and...
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Thumbnail: The NBA of Data Science

  Oct 1, 2015   |      Brand Hunt

I’ve been pondering for a while on how to showcase some replay functionality in our AMPS product in a way that’s general enough that everyone understands the concept, yet provides a solution metaphor that easily translates into other domains. Ideally, the data would be from some real-world system, where time-series,...
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Thumbnail: How can a Pure Software Messaging Solution Whip the NIC off a Hardware Messaging Appliance?

  Jul 22, 2015   |      Ravi Palepu

Why is it that the latest Bugatti Veyron doesn’t have the fastest time at the Top Gear test track? How could a highly regulated or constrained 2004 Renault R24 Formula One outperform it? The Bugatti outperforms the F1 in many tests; but not on that prestigious Top Gear track due...
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Thumbnail: Composite Message Types: Answers Beyond Ints

  Jun 8, 2015   |      Ravi Palepu

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” ― Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams conveyed to us that the earth was actually a...
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Thumbnail: Fresh From the Lab: AMPS 4.3

  Jun 5, 2015   |      Dirk Myers

At 60East, we’ve been heads down in the lab, mixing up new ingredients to bring you the future of messaging today. We’ve just released AMPS This release focuses on extending the futuristic capabilities we introduced in AMPS 4.0, making AMPS even better! Here are just a few of the...
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Thumbnail: Tip: Easy File Sharing

  Apr 2, 2015   |      Brand Hunt

At 60East, we’re always helping teams analyze complex, interconnected software systems. One thing that’s easy to take for granted is file sharing – something that’s not always easy to do between teams in large enterprises. There are often great reasons for this, but for transmission of log files containing no...
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Thumbnail: Scale Up and Out

  Mar 11, 2015   |      Dirk Myers

CIO Review recently published “Scale Up and Out: The Changing Face of High Performance Computing” by Jeffrey M. Birnbaum. This article describes the state of high performance computing, and how things have changed since 1998. You can get the PDF, or read the article online.
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Thumbnail: No Filesystem? No Problem! Keeping State in AMPS

  Mar 9, 2015   |      Dirk Myers

AMPS makes a great platform for distributing messages to worker processes. The combination of low latency delivery, the SOW last value cache, message replay, and powerful content filtering make it easy to build a scalable grid of workers. In this post, we show how to extend the AMPS client to...
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Thumbnail: How Fast Can You Go?

  Feb 18, 2015   |      Joy Vincent

AMPS is built from the ground up to go fast. AMPS tries to deliver messages at the fastest rate that an individual consumer can handle. AMPS has sophisticated machinery to try to find the fastest possible delivery rate for an individual consumer, and AMPS works hard1 to keep slower consumers...
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Thumbnail: New Feature: Keep It All Together With CorrelationId

  Feb 9, 2015   |      Dirk Myers

One of the best things about AMPS is the way that it keeps publishers completely independent from subscribers. Publishers don’t need to know how many subscribers are listening for a message, where they are, or even whether they’re connected at a given point in time. That flexibility pays off: once...
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Thumbnail: Yuck! Stateless Poison Message Handling

  Jan 30, 2015   |      Dirk Myers

It’s January, and many people (including me) are thinking about the food they’ve eaten over the last few months. If you’ve ever eaten too much Halloween candy, indulged yourself in holiday food that doesn’t quite agree with you, had too many cookies or gone back for that one last sliver...
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