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Thumbnail: Crank Up Apache Flume

  Apr 18, 2017   |      Keith Caceres

60East customers often integrate their AMPS deployments with the wider ecosystem of cloud storage providers, text search and analysis platforms, and the Apache ecosystem of big data tools such as Spark and Hadoop. One common integration request is the ability to pull an AMPS message stream directly into Apache Flume...
flume big data integration

Thumbnail: Preprocessing and Enrichment

  Apr 6, 2017   |      David Noor

In AMPS 5.2, we’ve introduced a new set of capabilites for modifying messages as they are published to AMPS: Message Preprocessing and Message Enrichment. Both features are configured in your AMPS configuration file, on the individual SOW Topics where you would like to use them. These new capabilities can streamline...
enrichment preprocessing transformation

Thumbnail: 60East Launches Media Division with the World’s Most Advanced ASCII Movie Player!

  Apr 1, 2017   |      60East Hype Division

60East Technologies is thrilled to launch the world’s most advanced online ASCII movie service, The first project of the new 60East Media Division, this new service leverages the precision and parallelism of 60East’s Advanced Message Processing System (AMPS), using the transaction log replay and State-of-the-World functionality to deliver the...
media asciiflix unicorn busterkeaton

Thumbnail: Same Data, Unique View: Aggregated Subscriptions

  Mar 30, 2017   |      David Noor

AMPS 5.2 introduces a powerful new capability for subscribers to create custom aggregations and projections to AMPS SOW topics – with no configuration necessary! We call this functionality Aggregated subscriptions. Aggregated subscriptions are like private views for an individual subscription. You no longer have to reconfigure and restart AMPS to...
views aggregation conflation

Thumbnail: Identifiers, Changes and Chains

  Mar 28, 2017   |      David Noor

In some applications, unique identifiers for objects change through the object’s lifetime. It can be difficult to decide how to model this in systems where an identifier is necessary, such as topics in the AMPS State-of-the-World (SOW). A prime example of this problem is in FIX Order ID Chaining. The...
order chaining fix combining updates

Thumbnail: Time-Based Triggers

  Mar 21, 2017   |      Ray Imber

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario. You have an AMPS SOW topic representing the state of orders in your business. You have a well tuned AMPS configuration, you have optimized your client applications and your network is at optimal capacity. You are processing millions of messages and everybody seems...
actions trigger action-on-message-condition-timeout

Thumbnail: Introducing the AMPS JavaScript Client

  Mar 15, 2017   |      Pavel K.

AMPS is a very robust system due to its amazing performance, flexibility, and reliability. 60East already provides client libraries for C/C++, C#, Java, and Python, and today we introduce the first version of our official JavaScript client that will power up both modern front end web applications and Node.js-backed back...
amps javascript client

Thumbnail: Get more AMPS with Galvanometer

  Mar 13, 2017   |      Pavel K.

Every system needs control, and AMPS is no exception. We already have a pretty powerful and flexible Admin module that provides various information about the AMPS instance and the host system, in several formats such as XML, JSON, CSV, and plain text. It is very convenient for applications, scripts, services…...
amps galvanometer monitoring administration

Thumbnail: AMPS 5.2: More Power

  Mar 8, 2017   |      Dirk Myers

AMPS 5.2 is now available. This release of AMPS includes new features designed to help manage extremely complex, high-volume data flows that require data transformation in the AMPS server — while maintaining the performance and ease of use that AMPS is known for. The release also includes a set of... amps

Thumbnail: Try AMPS NOW With Cloud Evaluation Beta

  Jul 22, 2016   |      Pavel K.

The Advanced Message Processing System (AMPS) from 60East Technologies is a state-of-the-art technology that powers up many of the Fortune 500 companies. Developers who tried AMPS love it and use it in their products. But is there an easy way to test features of AMPS without having access to a...
amps cloud evaluation dashboard

Thumbnail: Keeping State in AMPS, Rebooted

  Jun 15, 2016   |      Tom Martens

In this post, we will revisit the topic of extending the AMPS client to provide a bookmark store for stateless clients. This post is in response to requests for a simple stateless store that does not provide all of the functionality of the local stores, but instead just makes it...
stateless 60east python bookmark replay

Thumbnail: bFAT: Messaging with Extra Cheese

  Apr 1, 2016   |      Dirk Myers

Here at 60East, we’re dedicated to messaging. All messaging. All the time. Day in and day out. And that’s why we’re thrilled to bring you the newest, best, hottest, juiciest new message format. We call it BFat. Check it out at Would you like fries with that?
aprilfirst 60east

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